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The enlightening accompaniment for the childbearing journey

"Every woman and every man has a human right to found a family," says the WHO and defines childlessness as a disease. There are now numerous "treatment options" for this "disease", which many couples with involuntary childlessness, singles and homosexual couples are not or not sufficiently aware of. The abundance of information with partly also contradictory statements complicates the information process. This is where Partner4Baby offers a new information experience.

In accordance with our guideline "Everything for the good of the child", we at Partner4Baby started more than a year ago to conduct interviews and to collect, sift through and prepare information on the realisation of the unfulfilled desire to have a child. Our aim is to present information in depth, in a structured way and as simply as possible.

The mental accompaniment for the childbearing journey

Since the infertility journey can be mentally challenging, at Partner4Baby you will find the supporter network as well as an online store with supports that help you to experience the infertility period in a lighter and more relaxed way. In the supporter network you will find a selection of experts from the holistic fertility field.

Desire to have a child - Ways to a child - Partner4Baby

Unfulfilled desire to have children

What does it mean to have an unfulfilled desire to have children?

Artificial insemination - ways to a child

Artificial insemination

Here you will find an overview of the possibilities.

Alternatives - Paths to a Child - Partner4Baby


What alternatives are there to realising the desire to have a child?

Child welfare

Child welfare

You can find everything on the topic of child welfare here.

Cost absorption for artificial insemination

The topic of cost coverage is certainly interesting for everyone. We have clearly presented all the facts for you in the article "Cost coverage: Is artificial insemination paid for by the health insurance?