Aid for civil servants: How much financial support is available?

Another possibility to reduce the self-pay costs is the allowance as further financial support. This regulation applies to civil servants. According to §43 of the German Aid Ordinance, certain expenses for artificial insemination are eligible for aid. Section 27a of the German Social Code, Book V (SGB V ) also includes the requirements for aid. Support is provided at 50 % of the eligible expenses.

If, for example, costs of more than € 1,000 are incurred for artificial insemination and the conditions for aid are met, then € 500 are eligible costs. This results in an allowance of € 250.

The costs are shared in the same way as with the statutory health insurance. The costs are allocated to the person for whom the respective individual services are performed.  

P4B Notice:

Submit the treatment plan before the start of the artificial insemination in order to have it checked under state aid law.

Aid for civil servants: When is aid possible at all?

Certain conditions must be met for aid to be approved.

  • According to the attending physician, artificial insemination must be necessary to fulfil the desire for a child.
  • Artificial insemination must promise good prospects of success for the respective person concerned.
  • The couple should be married and both must be at least 25 years old.
  • The wife must not yet have reached the age of 40, the husband the age of 50.
  • Only the eggs and sperm of the respective partner may be used.
  • The attending physician must provide counselling that includes medical, psychological and social aspects.
  • The medical facility must be approved. If there is no health insurance authorisation or the treatment takes place abroad, no aid is possible.

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