Costs: Cryopreservation

The costs of cryopreservation are made up of different parts. It depends on whether hormone therapy is needed to mature the eggs. The number of cells to be frozen also affects the costs. The one-time costs are about 2,500 €. For storage every six months, the costs are about 200 €.

Storage per half year
approx. 2.500€
approx. 200€


Statutory health insurance funds cover the costs of cryopreservation under certain conditions, e.g. if a germ cell-damaging therapy (chemotherapy) has to be carried out.

If social freezing takes place, the costs for freezing the cells must be borne by the patient.

P4B experience: Martha developed cancer at a young age. During the diagnosis and determination of further treatment, she was not given any indication of the possibility of cryopreservation. The primary goal was to fight her disease.

Many years later, she wanted to have a child. Unfortunately, pregnancy via the natural route was no longer possible. So she decided to have an artificial insemination with an egg donation. However, this form is associated with high costs and is prohibited in Germany. If Martha's eggs had been frozen before her cancer treatment, she would have had the chance to conceive naturally years later. to get pregnant naturally..