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With our article, we would like to show you the hormone therapy that is usually carried out in the course of fertility treatment. Our focus is on the possible possible side effects and should enable you to discuss and assess the of hormone therapy. We would also like to shed light on the topic of nature-identical hormone therapy. illuminate. As usual, you will find our P4B check at the end of the article. We would like to give you a good decision-making basis for your path to child happiness.

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Treatment and possible side effects of hormone therapy

How can hormone therapy increase the chances of fertilisation?

The DELTA Childlessness Survey of 2020 reported that 74% of respondents had doubts and concerns about the risks to women from hormonal ovarian stimulation. In contrast to this assumption, the IVF Registry stated in the annual report from 2019 that only 0.3% of the hormonal stimulations recorded were associated with severe side effects. Therefore, our focus is on the side effects of hormone therapy.

Hormone stimulation is necessary in most cases to increase a woman's fertility during fertility treatment. Nevertheless, therapy is associated with side effects that can vary completely from woman to woman. Some women react more strongly to hormone treatment than other women.