General terms and conditions

  1.  General
    Partner4Baby is a service of readyCon GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter referred to as "readyCon"), deals with topics related to the desire to have children and provides extensive information support to those affected. Within the framework of this offer, readyCon offers qualified, professionally experienced supporters from the fields of coaching, fertility, medicine, naturopathy, social services, therapy, etc. a platform with a search engine on which they can offer their support and expertise to people with an unfulfilled desire to have children.
  2. Services of readyCon
    1. readyCon provides the service exclusively to entrepreneurs (not to consumers) and also exclusively on the basis of these GTC. Even if the supporter himself/herself uses GTC and these contain conditions that deviate from these GTC. The GTC of readyCon shall also apply exclusively if readyCon performs the service for the supporter in the knowledge of the supporter's deviating GTC.
    2. The service provided by readyCon is that supporters can purchase a premium entry on the website and thus use the P4B network. The premium entry includes a search engine optimised landing page, highlighted display in the supporter search, a backlink to strengthen one's own Internet presence and direct findability via the search based on the services. The price of the premium entry can be found in the current price list, which can be found on the website, and must be paid in advance. After the online ordering process has been completed, the invoice will be issued. In subsequent years, an invoice will be issued automatically each year. This is to be paid upon receipt. readyCon ensures that the website with the premium entry is visible/accessible at least 99% on average per year. readyCon is not liable for downtimes of the website if these occur due to problems that cannot be influenced by readyCon (force majeure, third-party fault, etc.).
    3. An additional service provided by readyCon is that the supporters can place events, campaigns and advertisements in the form of banners on the Partner4Baby website and thus promote themselves. The price of the advertising banners can be found in the current price list. The individual advertising campaigns are collected in an overview within the current year and the total amount is issued as an invoice. The invoice amount is to be paid after receipt of the invoice on the specified bank account. The placement on the website takes place for the individually agreed period of time between readyCon and the supporter.
    4. readyCon may amend these GTC with a notice period of 3 weeks, taking into account the interests and the purpose of the service for the supporters. If the supporter does not object within this period, the amendment is deemed to have been approved. The supporter will be informed by readyCon in writing or text form that the amendment will become effective if he/she does not object within the specified period. Clause 2.4. does not apply to price increases. The Supporter shall be informed by e-mail of any changes to the GTC. The supporter will be informed about price increases in text form.
    5. The supporter's email address will be added to the mailing list for the monthly Partner4Baby newsletter when the Premium Entry is ordered.
  3. Performance of the supporter(s)
    1. The supporter provides readyCon with his/her contact details and (logo, text content, photos, graphics, etc.). He/she assures that the premium entry desired by him/her does not violate the property rights of third parties (e.g. trademark rights, image rights, trademark protection rights), and does not violate criminal laws or morality or political correctness. He/she indemnifies readyCon from any liability claims that may arise from his/her premium entry.
    2. The supporter is obliged to provide the necessary data completely and correctly and to notify any changes without delay. This applies in particular to address data, company data, bank details and e-mail address. The transmission must take place promptly in digital form.
  4. Conclusion of the contract, payment modalities, termination
    1. The contract is concluded online by accepting the offer and carrying out the ordering process on the website. With the acceptance of the GTC and the acceptance of the data processing, the contract is deemed to be effectively concluded. The additional services pursuant to section 2.3. can only be contractually agreed in connection with a premium entry (annual subscription).
    2. The following payment methods are offered: PayPal, purchase on account
    3. Renewal option: The annual subscription is automatically renewed for a further year if it is not cancelled within a notice period of 6 weeks before the end of the subscription year.
      The supporter may only offset claims of readyCon against undisputed or legally established counterclaims.
      Until the supporter has paid the due remuneration, readyCon is entitled to refuse the premium entry within the scope of fairness.
    4. The contract can be terminated by the supporter at any time at the end of a contract year, subject to the notice period, whereby the premium entry remains visible until the end of the contract year. If desired, the Premium Entry can be removed beforehand. Your/your supporter's right to extraordinary termination for good cause (e.g. abandonment of the website by readyCon, abandonment of his/her own business, etc.) and termination pursuant to 2.3. of these GTC remains unaffected.
      The contract may be terminated by readyCon if the supporter violates these GTC or other laws (property rights of third parties, criminal laws).
  5. Liability
    The supporter is liable to readyCon for all damages caused by his/her premium entry, except for slight negligence. He/she indemnifies readyCon from all claims of third parties arising from his/her premium entry due to a violation of protective or criminal laws.
  6. Severability clause, applicable law, place of jurisdiction
    1. In the event of disagreement on individual provisions of these GTC, readyCon and the supporter shall endeavour to find a solution that comes closest to the will of both contracting parties and preserves the concluded contract as a whole.
    2. These GTC and their interpretation as well as all contracts concluded between readyCon and the supporter shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany to the exclusion of the provisions of international private law.
    3. As far as legally possible, Kempten (Allgäu) shall be the agreed place of jurisdiction.

      Status: 01.04.2022