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      Are you on a fertility journey and need support? In our search for professionals you will find a large number of experts in the field of infertility. They will provide you with the best possible support on your way to having a child. Access the knowledge of true experts.

      Not sure how to start your search or don't know what exactly to look for? That's very easy. You can enter your place of residence in the search and all professionals in your area will appear. The selection is still too large for you? You can change that by choosing from one of our categories what kind of expert you are looking for.

      KiWuCo - Desire for children - Professionals - Search Coaching


      In this category you will find coaches who are familiar with the topic of mindset and can support you as experts. Maybe you want to deal with your mindset in the course of your desire to have children, then this is the right category for you.

      KiWuCo - Fertility - Experts - Search Fertility

      Desire to have children

      Here you will find experts especially for your fertility journey. They will give you advice and support you during this challenging time. If you are looking for support specifically for your desire to have a child, this is the right category for you.

      KiWuCo - Fertility - Experts - Search medicine


      This category includes doctors who are familiar with the unfulfilled desire to have children. Most of them are medical professionals from the field of gynaecology. If you need medical support on your fertility journey, you will find what you are looking for here.

      KiWuCo - Fertility - Experts - Search naturopathy


      Are you interested in the methods and possibilities of naturopathy? Then you've come to the right place. In this category you will find naturopaths who are familiar with the unfulfilled desire to have children and who are happy to support you in making your heart's desire come true.

      KiWuCo - Desire for children - Professionals - Search Social institutions

      Social institution

      You would like to take advantage of the support of a social institution? Whether it's a club or an association, you can find various contacts here. Sounds interesting? Then you will find a suitable expert in this category.

      KiWuCo - Fertility - Experts - Search therapy


      Do you feel psychologically burdened by your unfulfilled desire to have children? Do you need support with the rollercoaster ride of emotions on your childbearing journey? Perhaps there are a few additional issues - outside of your desire to have a child - that you would like to take a closer look at. You can find the right expert in this category.

      Found what you're looking for? 

      Just try out the individual categories if you are not yet sure what exactly you are looking for. When you have found a suitable person with expertise, you can contact him or her directly. Then you can get to know each other and you can rely on optimal support.

      Do you know someone who specialises in infertility? We would be happy to receive a recommendation.

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      Are you an expert on the fertility journey? We would like to get to know you! Become part of the Partner4Baby network and support people with an unfulfilled desire to have children on their journey to child happiness.

      Supporters from the Partner4Baby network

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      Acupuncture Traunstein - TCM - Lisa Berger - Logo
      Simone Stalberg - Fertility Coach - Logo
      Heilpraktiker Würzburg - Linda Weyh - Fertility Coach - Logo
      Fertility Counselling Kiel - Logo
      Barbara Kunkel - KUNKEL Coaching - Augsburg - Infertility Coach
      Cornelia Siegfried - Fertility Coach - Logo
      Kinderwunschkinder - C. Manuela Schmickler - Kinderwunsch Coach/Companion
      Alternative practitioner Efthalia Kazepopoulou from Neuenstadt am Kocher
      Fertility Coach - Tanja Joeken - Logo
      Emotionscoach - Dr. Susanne Löffner - Children's Wish Expert - Logo
      Fertility counselling - Macallina Brandt
      Alexandra Schmidt - Fertility Coach / Fertility Sport / Zumba
      Namiah Beatrix Bauer - Expert for Infertility and Menopause
      Logo - Claudia Koch - Fertility Massage / Infertility Coach
      Claudia Berchtold - Psychological Counseling Munich
      Logo - Hypnobirthing - Mireille Hain from Lippe