Child? YES or NO? - 7 questions for dealing with your own desire to have a child

Almost everyone asks themselves the question at least once in their life: Do I want to be a mother or a father? Anyone who has ever found themselves in this situation knows that the decision-making process is not that easy. In today's world, the decision about having children is being pushed back further and further. This became clear in the 2014 study by the DELTA Institute for Social and Ecological Research.

Other topics, such as career, partnership, friends, independence and travel are in the foreground. Often the feeling of anxiety takes on a high priority and you go through a rollercoaster of emotions. One day the idea of being a mother or father is the most wonderful feeling in the world and the next day having a child is absolutely unimaginable. The pressure of society also increases with advancing age. One is often confronted with the question: "What is your situation with children?

We would like to give you 7 questions that can help you in your personal decision - whether you want to become a mother or a father.

Question 1: Why are you childless?

Get to the bottom of it! As a first step, become aware of why you are still childless. The reasons can be completely different for each person.

Perhaps you have not yet found the right partner. But it may also be that you have not yet known that there are special online partner agencies for the desire to have children (co-parenting). Or you were simply content without a child and were not prepared to make any restrictions (job, holidays, finances, home, consumption). Ultimately, it could also be for completely different reasons.

Every single reason is perfectly legitimate and can help you come to terms with your desire to have children.