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Question 5: Do you know your personal needs?

The basic needs, such as eating and drinking, are felt by every human being. When it comes to the individual needs of the individual, awareness is less pronounced. One would have to assume that everyone knows what they need and what they want. Unfortunately, this is not the case. If too many unfulfilled needs arise, a person's general dissatisfaction is pre-programmed.

Many have forgotten to pay attention to their needs because of the constant evaluation of others. Many people don't even know what their needs really are. Conflicts of needs often arise: On the one hand, I want to be a mother or a father. On the other hand, I enjoy my freedoms and am not willing to give all that up for a child. In psychology, this is called cognitive dissonance.

Do you find yourself in such a conflict of needs?

  • Question your needs!
  • What are your goals in life and how do you want to live?
  • Does a child fit your needs?
  • Try to get to know your needs better!